Custom Laminations & Stacks

Alinabal Engineered Products can produce every kind and style of lamination. To provide the highest quality laminations and stacks we use a continuously refined Total Customer Commitment, a Total Quality Management (TQM) process we call the Alinabal Total Improvement Process (ATIP).

Any Size or Style Alinabal Engineered Products has the capability to produce every kind and style of lamination.

  • Full circle laminations: rotors, stators, end laminations, field laminations from 1/8″ to 35″ or more in diameter
  • Segment laminations: rotors, stators, end laminations
  • Special E’s & I’s
  • Welded
  • Stacked

Alinabal Engineered Products wide range of press and tooling options give you the most cost effective production method for runs from a single piece to millions.

  • High speed progressive dies — steel and carbide
  • Special tooling — a wide variety of dies